7-Day Forecast:  

TONIGHT: The dominant features across the Ohio Valley today (again): cloud cover, cold air, and snow showers. It was grey and cloudy from start to finish for the region today as we are stuck in a much colder air-mass. Temperatures were chilly to start the morning and we never saw much in the way of a warm up. Daytime highs were in the mid to low 30s with winds being somewhat problematic, gusting as high as 30 mph. This means there was a wind chill factor to deal with today. Snow showers started to take off just after lunch time with the first weather headline of a snow squall across the Ohio Valley this season. Intense pockets of snow and wind dropped visibility rather quickly. Clouds will gradually clear out this evening with a lingering flurry possible. The bulk of heavy snow is into Central PA. Tonight, we will start to clear out with high pressure moving in. Overnight lows will be in the lower 20s to upper teens. Winds will be a factor as well, blowing from the southwest at 5-10 mph with gusts of 20 possible. This means there will be a wind chill factor to deal with for the morning hours.

SATURDAY: Patchy clouds early but clearing yet colder as we head into the weekend. We will likely trend sunny for the afternoon. Daytime highs will sit below the freezing mark. Stay bundled up if you have any outdoor activities to attend. Winds could be a bit breezy at times, making it feel colder.

SUNDAY: Sunshine will return to the forecast with broad high pressure overhead, but this will not help out the thermometers to increase at all. We will trend colder than average once again with temps in the lower 30s to upper 20s. Winds could be a bit breezy at times, making it feel colder.

MONDAY: Mainly sunny once again with temperatures staying colder than average, maxing out in the mid to low 40s. High pressure will likely stay in control through early next week. Gradual warming will likely continue on.

TUESDAY: Mostly sunny with temperatures expected back in the mid to upper 40s. This will be a nice change in pace as we approach turkey day!

WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies with temperatures approaching the upper 40s. A possible change in weather pattern could be on the horizon as we head into the holidays.

THURSDAY: Happy Thanksgiving Ohio Valley! In terms of that weather, temperatures will return into the mid to upper 40s with a threat for a few scattered rain showers for the afternoon/evening hours. I do not expect this to be a widespread rain event.

FRIDAY: Mainly cloudy, cold, and possibly rainy for our Black Friday shopping endeavors. Temperatures will start to drop as we head into the evening. Daytime highs likely in the mid to low 40s.  

-WTRF StormTracker7 Chief Meteorologist Zach Petey