Gloomy weather has been the main story weather wise this week across the Ohio Valley. Finally seeing sunshine returning for our day today, but the sunshine is being accompanied by very chilly temperatures.

Thursday: Sunshine returns for our first day of December. Seeing a thin layer of clouds this morning, but sunshine will dominate for much of our day today. Colder temperatures will return as well maxing out in the upper 30’s by the time we make it to the afternoon.

Friday: Warming temperatures and a mix of clouds and sun is expected for our Feel Good Friday. We’ll start off our day with sunshine and will sit that way for much of the day. High clouds will start to roll in during the afternoon with a thicker lower clouds rolling in after sunset and dinner. High temperatures will be in the lower 50’s.

Saturday: Another system looks to roll on through for the beginning of the weekend. Showers likely for the morning hours. Well continue the day with mostly cloudy skies and dropping temperatures. Starting off in the low 50’s for the morning, then down to the mid to low 20’s by the time we make it to Sunday Morning.

Sunday: Sunshine returns to the Ohio Valley for the end of the weekend. But with tthat sunshine also comes very chilly temperatures yet again. Mostly Sunny skies for our day on Sunday with our high temperatures in the upper 30’s.

Monday: Gloomy weather looks to return as we begin a new week. Mostly Cloudy to overcast skies for our day on Monday with high temperatures will be in the upper 40’s. We could see a couple showers late in the evening. That chance begins around 8pm-9pm and anything with be very spotty to isolated showers.

Tuesday: Warming but gloomy weather continues for our day on Tuesday. Expect to see scattered showers throughout the day, with the chance to see temperatures dropping yet again.

Wednesday: Mix of clouds and sunshine for the middle of the week. We’ll start off Wednesday with cloud skies, but will clear out throughout the day so by the time we get to dinner clear skies are expect. High temperatures will be in the mid to low 40’s.

-StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Adam Feick