Gloomy weather started the week, but we have quickly seen skies clear out with our temperatures dropping. Unfortunately we won’t stay sunny as rain is on the way but we will warm temperatures a bit for today and tomorrow.

Friday: We start off our morning with some clouds but will quickly clear those out as the sun starts to come on up. Expect to see sunshine for the morning with high thing clouds rolling in throughout the early afternoon. By the time we get to dinner though we will see skies quickly cloud over leading to overcast skies once the sunsets. High temperatures will be in the low 50’s.

Saturday: Starting off your Saturday morning cool to mild. Temperatures will be in the mid to low 50’s. But we will see a cold front moving on through, bringing us showers for the morning hours, then temperatures will drop throughout the day.

Sunday: Chilly but at least sunny for your sunny. We will see mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies with high temperatures in the upper 30’s.

Monday: As we begin a new week we will see temperatures beginning to warm up, but will see clouds rolling in as well. We’ll see some sunshine for the morning but will be overcast by the time we make it to dinner. High temperatures will be in the upper 40’s, with a couple showers possible by 10pm at the earliest. Most of the rain wont move in until Tuesday morning.

Tuesday: Gloomy returns as we move into our Tuesday. Scattered showers are likely throughout the day, with our high temperatures in the low 50’s.

Wednesday: Mostly Cloudy skies for the middle of the week. A couple spotty showers are possible but mainly south of I-70. High temperatures will be around 50 degrees.

Thursday: Mostly Cloudy again for your Thursday. We will also be seeing our high temperatures in the lower 40’s.

-StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Adam Feick