Well what was a very beautiful start to the week, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures well above average, has turned rainy and gloomy for our Feel Good Friday with cooler to cold temperatures on the way. Have the Umbrella handy for the day today, and have the coats and gloves on stand by.

Friday: Remnants from Hurricane Nicole are impacting the Ohio Valley for our day today. Rain is expected all throughout the day, with the best chance for the morning hours and then the evening hours around dinner time. This will be the best chance to see heavy rain and water build ups. Otherwise cloudy skies with steady showers and our temperatures holding onto the 60’s

Saturday: While the rain is mainly gone as we head into the weekend, it’s not completly out of the area. Mostly Cloudy skies for our day tomorrow, but we do see the chance for some light PM spotty showers. Some snowflakes mixed in can’t be ruled out. Expect to see our temperatures dropping throughout the day. Starting in the upper 50’s just after midnight, then in the low 30’s and upper 20’s for our Sunday morning.

Sunday: Cool temperatures settle in for the end of the weekend, but at least the rain is out of the Ohio Valley. We’ll start a new pattern of clouds and sunshine with below average temperatures. Expect to see most area’s in the upper 30’s, with a couple spots in the lower 40’s.

Monday: A new week and slightly new weather. We will see mostly sunny skies for our day on Monday, bringing much needed sunshine back to the Ohio Valley. Unfortunately we will keep things cool. Expect to see high temperatures in the lower 40’s.

Tuesday: Mostly Cloudy skies for our Tuesday as we see clouds roll back into the area. We will also see another system move on through just south of the Ohio Valley. We may see some of that precipitation clip us. This gives us the chance for some spotty showers, with a couple snowflakes mixed in. Temperatures will remain in the low 40’s.

Wednesday: Mostly Cloudy for our day on Wednesday. We will see some sunshine poking on through, but expect to see more clouds than sun, with our temperatures maxing out in the lower 40’s

Thursday: Mix of Clouds and sunshine for your Thursday. We will continue to see our temperatures in the low 40’s

-StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Adam Feick