Some sunshine returned to the Ohio Valley for our day yesterday, but we saw temperatures struggle to get out of the upper 30’s and saw clouds quickly roll in this morning. Rain showers and some flakes can be expect, with temperatures continuing to drop throughout the week.

Tuesday: Cloudy skies and below average temperatures for our day today. We will see some showers moving back into the Ohio Valley for the afternoon hours. These showers will remain mainly rain, but a brief snow shower and some flurries cannot be ruled out.

Wednesday: Cloudy for our day tomorrow with temperatures continuing to cool down. Expect to see flurries on and off through throughout the day and a brief snow showers. Temperatures will be sitting in the upper 30’s.

Thursday: Once again cloudy and temperatures will continue to cool down. We could see some flurries for the morning and early after hours, with our temperatures in the mid 30’s.

Friday: Snowflakes will finally be out of the Ohio Valley, but colds and cold temperatures will be hanging around. Mostly Cloudy skies for our day on Friday with our temperatures sitting in the low 30’s.

Saturday: Some sunshine returns as we begin the weekend. Partly Cloudy to most sunny skies for our day on Saturday. We will likely see our temperatures sitting right around 30 degrees, struggling to get out of the 20’s.

Sunday: Sunshine and cold yet again for the end of the weekend. Mostly Sunny skies for our day on Sunday we will see our temperatures continuing to sit in the low 30’s.

Monday: Even more sunshine and warming temperatures as we begin a new week. Sunny skies for our day on Monday, with temperatures up to the mid 30’s.

-StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Adam Feick