Monday: Scattered Thundershowers are expect for your Labor Day. There is a chance for some early morning thunderstorms as well as some late afternoon thunderstorms. But for the Late morning and early afternoon expect to see what we saw today, light showers with a steady drizzle. High temperatures will be in the mid 70’s.

Tuesday: Thundershowers are likely again for your day on Tuesday. This activity won’t be as widespread or even scattered, will remain spotty. Otherwise mostly cloudy with high temperatures remaining in the mid 70’s but things remaining sticky and muggy.

Wednesday: Things trying to clear out as we move into the middle of the week. Partly cloudy with temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s for your Wednesday, but an isolated shower or two cannot be ruled out.

Thursday: Remaining partly Cloudy to start your Thursday. We will see clearing throughout the day so by the evening hours on Thursday expect to see sunshine and skies clearing on out. High temperatures will be in the upper 70’s, getting back closer to our average of 79 degrees.

Friday: Mostly sunny for your Friday, so a beautiful end to the week. High temperatures in the lower 80’s with dew points possible getting in to the upper 50’s, which would make things feel nearly perfect as we begin the weekend.

Saturday: Chance for showers and thunderstorms back into your forecast for the start of the weekend on Saturday. Mostly Cloudy skies for the first half of your day, with the chance for some showers for the afternoon and evening hours. High temperatures will likely be round 80 degrees.

Sunday: That PM Saturday rain will continue into the second half of the weekend for your Sunday. Chance for some scattered thundershowers yet again. Otherwise mostly cloudy to overcast skies with high temperatures back down into the mid 70’s.

-Stormtracker 7 Meteorologist Adam Feick