(7 Day Forecast)

Sunday:  We will be under a Winter Weather Advisory from 7am-7pm.   Snow showers should generally remain in that same time period with 2-3″ inches expected for most of the area.  Higher elevations will see higher snow totals and down in Tyler and Wetzl could receive less.  Low end estimates are 1-2″ and high end at 3-4″.  High of 28.

Monday: Mostly cloudy with some snow starting in the afternoon. We could see another 1-2″ of snowfall but most will likely receive around an inch.  Some mix could start to enter into the region later in the evening which would decrease snow totals.  High of 33.

Tuesday:  Some flurries to start the day but them mostly cloudy and a high of 30.

Wednesday: Starting much colder and only warming up to 21 degrees.  We should start to see a little sun starting to peek through.

Thursday:  Partly cloudy, high of 28.

Friday:  Mostly cloudy with a chance of snow.  high of 33.

Saturday:  Variable clouds but colder with a high of 23.

-WTRF StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Aaron Myler