Wheeling, W.Va. (WTRF) – Just when you thought it was time for spring, Mother Nature decides to switch things up! Here comes the snow!

Predictor Snow-cast Monday Morning

A light snowfall is likely Monday morning across the Ohio Valley as a low pressure system moves through the region.

A light dusting is expected for Monday, due to warmer air closer to the surface, and temperatures rebounding above freezing by 11 am Monday morning.

Satellite & Radar

StormTracker7 Dual HD doppler Radar & Satellite Overlay

Snow returns back to the Ohio Valley Monday morning and Monday evening while temperatures are below freezing.

Although Models are still not aligning on exact estimates, I expect to see a light snowfall across the Ohio valley with little to no accumulation, as temperatures at the surface will be above freezing.

Slightly more snowfall along the mountaintops/higher terrains can be expected.

Snowfall could likely return Monday night after sunset, due to atmospheric cooling. Warmer temperatures during the day will result in rain showers.

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