Wheeling W.Va.. (WTRF) – Although in the early stages of June, the first full moon of the month is geared and ready to shine on Saturday.

The Moon will be at peak fullness on Saturday June 3rd, at 11:41 PM.

Full Moon information.

The backstory behind the Strawberry Moon name comes from the wild strawberries starting to ripen during this time of year. Native Americans tribes would gather the fruit and mash it to jams/pastes for better preservation.

A fun fact: Around every 20 years or so, the first full moon of June coincides with the Summer Solstice, around June 21st.

Will we see the full moon?

We should!

12 AM look at Predictor on Sunday.

Skies will trend clear and quiet into the overnight hours after a day of mid to upper level clouds hanging around.

Skies will trend mostly sunny for Sunday if you miss the event on Saturday. The moon will still look full Sunday and Monday night.

Email any photos of the moon or anything else over to weather@wtrf.com

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