We saw well above average temperatures and some rain for the weekend. The sunshine returned yesterday for dinner time. So as we begin a new week we can expect to see much of the same. Temperatures just a little cooler, but sill above average.

Monday: Sunshine returns in full force for our day today. Sunny skies with just a few high clouds, but otherwise a very beautiful day as we begin a new week. Temperatures will stay above average in the mid 60’s, unlike the weekend where we sat in the mid to upper 70’s.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny skies continue for our Tuesday. We will see a few more high clouds than today, but we will still see plenty of sunshine. Temperatures down a bit into the upper 50’s and lower 60’s but we will stay above average.

Wednesday: Sunny and once again beautiful. Sunny skies for the middle of the week with our highs temperatures remaining above average, sitting in the mid 60’s.

Thursday: Thursday continues the pattern of beautiful and warm weather. Sunny skies will prevail with our temperatures sitting in the mid 60’s.

Friday: We keep temperatures warm but we will lose the sunshine for our Feel Good Friday. Temperatures will remain in the mid 60’s but we will see partly to mostly cloud skies. We’ll start the day off with sunshine, but will see things cloud over so by the time we make it to dinner expect cloudy skies. A couple spotty to scattered showers are possible for the afternoon and evening hours.

Saturday: Early morning hours start off with a couple spotty showers, then we see things clearing on out. So expect clouds for the morning then sunshine by the time we make it to dinner. We will see temperatures dropping throughout the day. We’ll start off in the 50’s for the very early morning hours and drop to the 40’s then only get up to the mid to upper 40’s by the afternoon.

Sunday: We’ll start off our Sunday with a little bit of sunshine as the sun is coming up. Then we will see things quickly cloud over. We will also see our temperatures struggling to get out of the 30’s, with most spots sitting in the upper 30’s.

-StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Adam Feick