Winter like weather has been the story across the Ohio Valley. Rain showers with snow mixed, flurries yesterday, and cold temperatures today and on the way.

Thursday: Cloudy skies yet again. Mostly Cloudy to cloudy skies throughout the day. We are free from the snow showers but spotty flurries cannot be ruled out. Expect to see our high temperatures sitting in the mid 30’s, following a very chilly start to the morning.

Friday: Mostly Cloudy and Chilly for our Feel Good Friday. We will start off the morning with Cloudy skies and will lose some clouds throughout the day. Partly Cloudy once the sunsets, then sunny skies by the time the weekend arrives. High temperatures will be in the low 30’s. If your heading out to the Main Street Bank Fantasy in Lights Parade, make sure that you bundle up. Temperatures will be in the upper 20’s, with wind chills making it feel like the teens.

Saturday: The sunshine returns as we head on into the weekend. Partly Cloudy to mostly sunny skies for our day on Saturday. Most areas will see mainly sunshine but some clouds for the north are possible. Temperatures will continue to fall, expect to see highs in the low 30’s.

Sunday: Sunshine continues and cold temperatures arrive. Mostly sunny to almost clear skies for our day on Sunday. Expect less clouds than Saturday. Temperatures will sit right around 30 degrees. Most areas will sit in the upper 20’s at 28/29 degrees, with a couple spots as warm as 31/32 degrees.

Monday: As we begin a new a week a new is in-store. We see skies continuing to clear on out, lead to sunny to clear skies. But we also see our temperatures on the rise. Still below average on Monday but at least we are out of the 20/30’s and into the low 40’s.

Tuesday: Sunshine and warming continues for your Tuesday. Expect to see Sunny skies, with winds subsiding, and temperatures in the mid to upper 40’s.

Wednesday: The middle of the week is looking pleasant. Temperatures will be back up to average right around 50 degrees, with mostly sunny skies and some high clouds rolling on in.

-StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Adam Feick