(7 Day Forecast)

Friday:  Sticking with another nice day again. Starting off with a lot of sunshine but a few clouds will be in the sky as well.  We will have more moving in this afternoon as temperatures warm up to a high of 79 degrees.  A few showers will be in the area later on, but they will remain very isolated and few and far between.  Most of us will not see much if any rain today. 

Saturday:  A chance for rain will start the day but there will mainly be no rain in the morning.  In the afternoon we could start to see more rain showers with a few thunderstorms tossed in there as well.  It will not be much rain, only expecting less than 0.10 inches.  There should still be some sunshine around for the day as well.  High of 78.

Sunday:  Starting off with some shower chances through the day but that will mainly be in the afternoon and evening.  There could again be a few thunderstorms tossed in there and the main concern would be windy conditions associated with these storms.  High of 77.

Monday: Some rain showers are likely for the morning with some a little bit heavier as this cold front makes its way through the region.  Those should mainly wrap up by lunch.  High of 73.

Tuesday:  Partly cloudy, high of 72.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy, high of 70.

Thursday:  Mostly cloud with a chance for showers.  High 75.

-WTRF StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Aaron Myler