WEST VIRGINIA (WTRF) — As our thoughts turn to winter weather and shoveling snow, it’s easy to forget just how many surprises fall held for us.

We saw a season that see-sawed back and forth between short-sleeve temperatures and having to scrape off our windshields.

According to West Virginia’s state climatologist Dr. Kevin Law, we just witnessed the 22nd coolest October in history.

It may have been hard to deal with at the time, but it had one major upside—
That chillier air combined with an overall dry autumn led to some spectacular leaves on the hillside.

Probably one of the better years for color that we’ve had, because October being cool led to really cool nights, and that’s what you need. And it wasn’t too wet or anything like that, we had plenty of water throughout the summer, and it dried out, so you had the cool nights, and enough water that was still there, and it led to the perfect color that we had this past fall.

Dr. Kevin Law, WV State Climatologist, Marshall University Professor

Now the winter outlook has been released—and chances are you’ll love it or hate it.

Stay tuned tomorrow as Meteorologist Zach Petey and Reporter Colin Roose take a deep dive into the predictions.