(7 Day Forecast)

Wednesday: A little fog will start the morning today before lots of sunshine will be a part of the forecast.  It will be a hot and humid one today.  Dewpoints will be in the 70s which is miserable and highs are in the upper 80s, feeling like the mid 90s.  Showers/storms will start to push into the area late tonight into tomorrow morning.  This could be anywhere from 11pm-2am.  Some of these storms have the potential to become more severe with the main concerns being heavy rainfall and gusty winds.  Hail is also a possibility and there is a non-zero chance of a tornado warning being issued.  SE Ohio is under a 2/5 risk for severe weather and the panhandle is under a 1/5 risk for severe weather.

Thursday:  We are going to start with a few clouds in the forecast and then see clouds clearing as we get through the rest of the day.  There is a chance for a few spotty showers in the early morning and in the afternoon but we should overall see a dry day.  It will be hot and humid with a high of 85 degrees.

Friday:  Hot and sunny with a high of 89 degrees.  It will be very uncomfortable to be outside with the humidity and heat.  Stay hydrated!

Saturday:  Lots of sunshine for a lot of the day with some clouds building into the forecast.  There could be a few showers moving in later today but I think it will mainly be overnight.  High of 90 degrees.

Sunday:  Mostly cloudy with showers in the forecast.  High of 88 degrees.

Monday: Mostly cloudy with showers in the forecast.  High of 85 degrees.

Tuesday:  Mostly cloudy with a high of 82 degrees.  There could be a few showers in the first part of the day, but I think those will wrap up before the day starts.

-WTRF StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Aaron Myler