We saw the week started off sunshine and above average temperatures. Things were a bit cooler than the weekend, but we at least kept our temperatures in the 60’s.

Tuesday: Mostly Sunny for our day today. We do see some clouds, just a layer of high thin cirrus clouds. Thin enough to still see plenty of sunshine for our day today, but thick enough to help keep our temperatures average today. Expect to see your high temperatures sitting in the 50’s today. Some spots in the low 50’s, some spots in the mid 50’s, and some spots in the upper 50’s

Wednesday: Sunny for the middle of the week. Just a couple high clouds but otherwise sunny for our Wednesday. We will once again see our temperatures above average sitting in the mid to upper 60’s.

Thursday: Sunny skies continue for your Thursday, we will continue to see a couple upper level thin clouds. Otherwise expect to see your high temperatures sitting in the upper 60’s.

Friday: Temperatures stay above average but we lose the sunshine. Some sunshine right at sunrise, but otherwise cloudy skies throughout the day. We will also see scattered showers throughout the day. High temperatures will be sitting in the low 60’s.

Saturday: Mix of clouds and sun as we begin the weekend. Expect partly Cloudy skies, with more sunshine than clouds. Our high temperatures will be in the mid to low 40’s.

Sunday: Partly Cloudy for our Sunday and the end of the weekend. Expect to see more clouds than sunshine, with our high temperatures in the upper 30’s.

Monday: Partly cloudy with a 50/50 of clouds and sunshine for our day on Monday. High temperatures will be sitting right around 40 degrees.

-StormTracker 7 Meteorologist Adam Feick