As now Tropical Storm Ida continues to push inland, how could this affect us here in the Ohio Valley? 

Local News from WTRF

Ida is one of the strongest storms to ever reach the United States. Ida peaked at a Category 4 hurricane just before making landfall and has now weakened into a tropical storm, but that does not mean it is less dangerous. 

The storm is continuing to wreak havoc in the Southeast with heavy rain, flooding, and even some tornadoes. 

Sustained winds have calmed down significantly since it made landfall on Sunday but are still strong enough to cause power outages. 

More than a million people have lost power in New Orleans, and it could be weeks before the power is fully restored. 

First responders are unable to reach some who chose to ride out the storm and are now stranded. 

“First responders cannot get to you, so those folks are just going to have to hunker down.” 

Cynthia Lee Sheng – Jefferson Parish President

But the New Orleans mayor had confidence heading into the storm. 

“Now is the time that we have been preparing for.” 

Mayor LaToya Cantrell – (D) New Orleans

…and we need to prepare for heavy rain as well.  

Back in the Ohio Valley we will see the remnants of Ida within the next 48 hours. 

Ida will continue to trek to the Northeast with our area receiving the most rain Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  

We are right on the cusp of the storms reach, and we could receive anywhere from one to six inches of rain.  

That is a lot of rain either way, but it will fall on an already saturated ground which means one thing… flooding.  

The creeks and rivers could flood Wednesday and Thursday in the Valley if the heavy rains reach our area. 

Lower lying areas like here on the island could see some flooding if heavy rain hits and the river rises.  Stay with us here at 7news for the latest on your weather.