WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — As we all prepare to be buried-in starting Sunday afternoon, you could say Wheeling’s snowplowers are expecting to not have MLK Day off.  

Wheeling’s Division of Operations has 800 tons of salt on standby for the storm. 

But first, how did the city weather the most recent snowfall? 

Not so bad. It presented a problem, actually, that there wasn’t a whole lot of snow. We didn’t plow roads or anything. There just wasn’t enough to do.

We’re hoping this time around we can be that lucky, but it looks like we’re going to get a bit more.

Steve Johnston, Operations Superintendent for Wheeling

More like 5 to 8 inches according to the StormTracker 7 Team. Not to mention, the snow will be falling on a holiday. 

We’re not going to have regular crews that are working but we will have crews that are working out on the roads around the clock until we get whatever problem areas we have, cleaned up. 

Steve Johnston, Operations Superintendent for Wheeling

With recent projections, Johnston plans for plowing to start with the highly traveled hills Sunday afternoon.  

You can help your city crews. If you shovel your driveway, try not to push that snow into the street. And going above and beyond; you can dig out around your neighborhood’s fire hydrant. 

Crews always prioritize EMS routes and they try to hit the alleyways so the sanitation department can do its job. 

And speaking of the 800 tons of salt; the best time to throw it down is when the temps are 20 degrees and up.

We put it down almost continuously until the temperatures fall into single digits. The salt will stop working at about 19 or 20 degrees.

Steve Johnston, Operations Superintendent for Wheeling