WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — We all know that when it rains, it pours.

But in West Virginia, when it pours, it often floods.

Governor Justice has put all 55 counties under a state of preparedness as the rain keeps filling our creeks and streams.

We may have been spared from the snow these last few months, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t gotten wet.

And while frozen roads won’t be an issue, the new season is ready to plunge us into a different kind of danger.

The way this winter has been with precip, I was getting kind of worried about the flood potential.

Dr. Kevin Law, WV State Climatologist

Even as Spring Weather Awareness Week ends, State Climatologist Dr. Kevin Law isn’t letting his guard down.

Spring is both greeting and warning us this week by dumping multiple inches of rain in just a few days.

Flooding by far and away is the overall number-one hazard in the state. There really isn’t a close second honestly.

Dr. Kevin Law, WV State Climatologist

But unfortunately, our terrain just makes things worse.

West Virginia’s clay-based soil may be perfect for all that local pottery…but not for rain management.

It just doesn’t allow the water to really penetrate and go into the soils easily, it does tend to runoff more often than not.

Dr. Kevin Law, WV State Climatologist

That runoff means more pooling on the sides of the street.

What makes it even worse is that many of our Mountain State roads follow the creeks…and they become impassable when things start to overflow.

That could leave you stranded at work or at school, which is why it’s important to know that when a flood warning is issued, you could have as little as 20 minutes to react.

I think a lot of people think well, when they see and hear flash flooding warning that they have a lot of time, and no, you really need to take action.

Dr. Kevin Law, WV State Climatologist

Widespread flash flooding may not be a concern this time.

But if it does hit your area this season, you’ll want to have extra clothes, a flashlight and a wireless car charger on standby, among other survival items.