HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WTRF) – It’s hard to believe after such a stifling week, but West Virginia has it relatively easy when compared to summer in the rest of the United States.

It’s hot, to be sure…but nothing compared to what they sweat through down by the Gulf Coast.

Dr. Kevin Law at Marshall University says West Virginia is in the middle of the pack.

We’re at a happy medium between the humidity of Florida and the flat land out west.

And even the central states I think are just warmer overall than us. Because they’re extremely landlocked.

Dr. Kevin Law, WV State Climatologist

But that’s not to say the Mountain State hasn’t had some standout summers.

You may wonder how hot we’ve ever gotten in the state…and the Eastern Panhandle takes the cake.

He says Martinsburg really took the heat back in 1936 with a temperature of 112 degrees, with Moorefield matching it.

But even those can’t compare to the jaw-dropping precipitation record.

You have to go back 133 years to 1889—where Rockport in Wood County measured 19 inches of rain in two hours.

Most of the drainage systems across the country, even the world, struggles on 2-3 inch an hour rainfall rates.

Dr. Kevin Law, WV State Climatologist

But both Zach and Dr. Law are skeptical that Atlantis-level flooding ever hit the Mountain State.

You’re thinking late 1800s, I’m thinking there’s probably some buckets they had near some barns, you’re probably getting some roof runoff into those buckets.

Dr. Kevin Law, WV State Climatologist

It isn’t looking likely that either of those records will be topped this year, so staying in-state could be your best bet for a summer getaway.

And if you’re sensitive to the heat, a mountain vacation could be for you.

Really the only place that you can kind of avoid it is the upper, higher elevations. When you start to get above 3,000 feet you can avoid some of the heat and humidity up there.

Dr. Kevin Law, WV State Climatologist

Summer officially begins this coming Tuesday.

So enjoy the warmth, stay out of the rain, and find some time to travel down some country roads.