Wheeling, W VA. (WTRF) – With the end of Spring practices you get to show off all the WInter workouts in the annual WVU Spring football game.

For WVU Football, their Spring scrimmage is set for Saturday, April 22nd at 1 PM.

What will the weather be like in Morgantown?

The answer requires some explanation.

Light to moderate rainfall is possible during pregame tailgating and kickoff of the game while shower activity could start to close towards the end of the event.

Overall temperatures are expected to range in the mid to upper 50s with cloudy skies overhead.

Out in the tailgate lots, have a poncho incase.

Temperatures will trend in the mid to upper 50s through Morgantown, but scattered showers will be present.

Showers should start to wrap up around 2/3 PM with a return of potential precip as we head closer to dinner time on Saturday.