WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – As the calendar turns to October, many people wonder when the leaves will change their color. Well, there is always a science aspect behind some of our questions, and now we dive into some of that!

Above is a video briefly describing the science behind changing the color pigments in the leaves (Chlorophyll) and how temperature and sun angle can impact when the leaves’ colors start to change.

Each tree has a different molecular makeup like us humans and responds differently to the Chlorophyll no longer transporting the sugar to the end of the leaves. This effect will eventually cause the leaves to weaken and fall.

What is our current Fall Foliage?

The current Fall Foliage outlook from Explore Fall features a low color status for our area. However, certain trees could have already started to see some changes in the guard. 

The best weather conditions to see the most vibrant colors are wet days and cooler air.

As we head into the weekend of October 7 and 8, we will start to feel the chilly air within the Ohio Valley and allow for the best foliage within the next few weeks.

On average, the Ohio Valley experiences peak Fall Foliage during the mid/late stages of October.