WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — You may be wondering where the haze in the air is coming from.

The eerie conditions are due to the ongoing Canadian wildfires.

With these conditions comes unhealthy air quality, especially for those with severe respiratory issues such as asthma.

The hazy conditions will loom in the Ohio Valley area for the next few days.

The Ohio County Department of Health is advising people to watch for changes in the air quality over these next few days and to take necessary precautions if needed.

”If individuals have to go out and they have diagnosed respiratory problems, especially asthma, wear a mask. We have plenty of them from the last three years, we should be able to find one and wear one especially over the next couple days. This is going to be around for a while.”

Howard Gamble – Ohio County Department of Health Administrator

The Department advises people to stay inside as much as possible during this time to avoid close contact with the excess smoke.