Wheeling, W. VA (WTRF) – The short-term answer to the question is no. There will not be major impacts from Hurricane Ian on the Ohio Valley.

What we do know:

Hurricane Ian is expected to make landfall on the Gulf side of Florida as a major hurricane (Category 4) sometime Wednesday afternoon or evening. Rain totals will likely range from 4″ – 16″ along with life-threating storm surges. The hurricane is expected to make landfall around Naples or Sarasota FL. Sustained winds at landfall have been measured as 155 mph.

Current breakdown of Hurricane Ian as it makes landfall as a major hurricane.

What happens after landfall?

Once the hurricane moves over land, it will lose energy and start to fizzle out. However, it will still bring heavy rains into the Southeast and along the Blue Ridge Mountains.

From there, we could see some remnants of the hurricane locally, late in the weekend or into early next week. Most of the heavy rain will likely stay well south and east of our immediate area, but we could see a few light rain showers and cloud cover from the storm itself.

The projected path of Hurricane Ian once it makes landfall.

It is still way too far out to determine rain totals for our region, but the trend will of course be monitored.

Can the forecast change?

Absolutely. The atmosphere moves like a fluid and is constantly changing directions, speeds, and flow. This will be a situation that will continue to unfold over the next couple of days. The good news for the time being, is that the event will be impactful for our region.

Model ensemble of projected paths of the storm.