WEIRTON- It’s been four years since the Weir Red Riders played postseason pigskin. It hasn’t won a conference or state championship since 2005. This marks the 99th year for the football program.

“The goal is always playoffs but there’s some reality to when you get kids that aren’t ready for varsity play yet who get forced into playing but we made some serious strides last year. We were a group that was very young but now they have moved into the upperclassman role so we’ve got about 16 juniors this year and about 5 solid seniors so it’s definitely flipped in that direction to get it back on track. That’s something that we always shoot for here.”

Frank Sisinni/Head Coach

Junior Running Back Cory Lyons also takes notice of the difference a year can make.

“We’re getting through stuff really fast like our plays seems more crisp and it seems like we’re just ready to play this year.”

Cory Lyons/Junior RB

It is hard to miss all 6 ft 6 inches and 300 pounds of offensive tackle Cameron Jones. He’s committed to play for James Madison University next year. Although the college gridiron is on the horizon, he is not taking his only senior campaign lightly.

“I just take everyday as I get it because it’s your last year and it’s your last ride. You’ve got to go hard every single day.”

Cameron Jones/Senior OT

Weir won just two games in 2021, but last season was the second straight year where it blew out the Brooke Bruins in the last game. Despite being a year ago, Sisinni thinks that win may still have carried some momentum into this preseason.

“There was elevated play that night and more of a want to but its my job to get that want to in every game but we’re looking to turn the corner because that reason of that reason and that game we’ve definitely got momentum going into the season.”

Frank Sisinni/Head Coach

“All of our guyS, we’ve been in the weight room since that Brooke game. We’ve been in there since November until like now. We’re still pounding and still working.”

Cameron Jones/Senior OT

The Red Riders’ first game is against Oak Glen on the road.