Brady Dennis’s family heard someone yelling for help in the woods behind Barone Drive on June 20th and that’s when he went into action.

When firefighters arrived on the scene they were warned by the family to be careful because of the steep terrain there with numerous waterfalls.

Brady and his family say the teen knows that area well because he spends a lot of time in the woods located behind his house.

Fire officials say he was a valuable asset to the rescue team by showing them the safest route in total darkness, carrying equipment, and holding four flashlights to light the way for the firefighters.

They say he wouldn’t leave the injured man until he was found and carried out of the woods.

Weirton fire officials say because of Brady’s bravery the man was rescued and no firefighters were injured in the rescue effort.

7News spoke to the humble teen after he received his certificate of appreciation from the city.

“I’m just the one that showed them the way. The firefighters are the ones who pulled him out and saved him so I feel like they are the real heroes here.”

Brady Dennis, helped save a man’s life

Brady, who will be a freshman at Brooke High School this fall, says he wants to be a defense attorney someday perhaps even becoming a public defender.