The Brooke Hancock Family Resource Network received a half million dollars in grant funds!

The programs will include parenting classes, parent support groups, Healthy Grandparents program, resources and referrals for utility assistance rental assistance, mental health support, job readiness and a community pantry.

This was made possible through the WV DHHR for Family Assistance.

FRN officials say the grants are going towards creating family support centers on both ends of the counties, which will make the resources they off that much more accessible, especially coming out of the pandemic.

“Getting folks to come and know where to access that, it can be hard and I think it is super important thing to know that there is somewhere you can go in your community to be supported in whatever way that is.”

Janna Gordon – Executive Director Brooke Hancock FRN

If you have any questions you can head on over to their website or call 304-748-7850.