Local bikers have a message for the young boy who was struck by a motorcycle nearly a week ago.

They want him to know not all people who ride a bike are like the man who hit him.

So, they’re holding a Support Run to send a positive message.

Joey Green was riding his bicycle on Kings Creek Road last Friday afternoon when a motorcycle hit him and the driver kept going, leaving Joey in critical condition.

After being life-flighted to the hospital and having surgery, Joey is recovering.

“We found out about JoJo getting hit by the motorcyclist, we thought it was a terrible thing. As a general rule, most of the motorcycle community is all about helping children. We were out riding coming back from Kent Ohio and I stopped and I told my wife we got a put something together for this.”

Sean Wright – Organizer Justice for JoJo Support Run

So that’s exactly what Wright did.

It started with a Facebook Page called JOJO’s Support Run.

Now 50 to 100 bikes and Jeeps are expected to join in on the run to show JoJo they care about him.

“Our main goal is to make sure JoJo is taken care of, that he realizes that this was not a biker that hit him, it was an unsavory individual on a motorcycle, and we just want to make sure the family and JoJo get everything they need.”

Sean Wright – Organizer Justice for JoJo Support Run

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office is still activly searching for Paul White.

Deputies say evidence points to him in this hit and run.

Sheriff Scott Gittings says they wouldn’t have been able to get this far without the help of the community and the officers who followed leads.

“If you want to live in a good community you have to make it a good community and that’s what people are doing, they are making it a good community by doing this and just like how we got all our leads and we got a lot of leads followed because we have a good community and I think people wanted to see the action happen.”

Sheriff Scott Gittings – Hancock County Sheriff’s Office

Wright says the support run was supposed to be a ride up to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh to give JoJo cards and little toys, but now they just heard JoJo may be released sooner than they thought.

“We have a contingent plan in place, we don’t have it set in stone, there will still be a ride Friday, hopefully we will be meeting JoJo in person, and everybody will get to meet him and personally give him their gifts and condolences.”

Sean Wright – Organizer Justice for JoJo Support Run

The Support run is still scheduled for Friday at 4 PM.

If you would like to donate or be a part of the run you can follow along on with their Facebook Page.

They also have a drop off location for cards, donations, or toys at Ella Vape in Weirton!

They also plan to do a Poker run in the future for JoJo as well.