The Morning Star Baptist Church presented plaques of appreciation to Police Chief Charlie Kush, Fire Chief Kevin Himmelrick and their entire department to show how much they are cared for in the community.

Mayor Harold “Bubba” Miller and his staff also received a plaque of appreciation for their essential support of the Health Fair for the Upper Ohio Valley.

Pastor James Brown says they are grateful for everything the Police, Fire, EMS and the city does for the community.

“These are men and women also that have their lives on the line, so they need to be recognized for that and also to ensure their families that the community, we love them and we pray for them.”

James Brown – Pastor Morning Star Baptist Church

“It’s an honor to be recognized by the church and by the community. We just appreciate the community and appreciate the support that we get from the churches, the businesses, and the citizens.”

Chief Charlie Kush – Weirton Police Department

“It’s an honor, you know the guys been some time helping they’re always, we’re here to help all the time but it’s nice to get a little appreciation for the stuff that we do.”

Chief Kevin Himmelrick – Weirton Fire Department

This was the first year for the church did something like this and they plan to do the appreciation plaques again next year!