A Steubenville man has been charged and arrested after allegedly holding a knife to a nurse at Weirton Medical Center.

Weirton Police responded to WMC for a call of an unruly patient.

Ricky Barnett was being treated at the hospital at the time of the incident.

Court records show a nurse responded to a patient alert in Barnett’s room, where Barnett was lying in bed with blood nearby.

The nurse said she needed to check him, and he allegedly agreed, but when she lifted the blanket, Barnett became angry and left the room.

The nurse went after him and found him near the fire exit.

Then as she approached, Barnett allegedly took a knife out of his pocket and held it near her neck, and threatened her.

“Having an unruly patient in a hospital for the staff and everything is a very tense situation. It’s unfortunate in today’s world, you don’t know how somebody is going to react or what they’re going to do, if they are going to come back so yeah my hats off to the nurses and the workers in the hospital of having to deal with these type of situations.”

Chief Charlie Kush – Weirton Police Department

Barnett is charged with assault on a health care worker and is currently in the Northern Regional Jail.