A couple social media scams are causing panic in the Ohio Valley.

Just recently, a post was going around about a woman who impersonated a nurse, and stole a baby at a local hospital.

There was a picture of the woman in scrubs holding a baby.

Another one was a picture of two men with the post saying they were going around holding people at knife point.

Weirton Police say both posts were complete fakes.

Chief Charlie Kush says if an investigation like that was going on, the first thing they would do is alert the public by contacting local news and put it on their social media.

He says as a rule don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

“There’s a lot of misinformation out there about investigations and things of that nature. Wait until the police have a chance to look into complaints, to investigate it and then we will put out the truth.”

Chief Charlie Kush – Weirton Police Department

Kush says to report the posts if you see them and if you ever have any questions about if something is real or not to call the department.

That number is 304-797-8500.