Learning the safety of fire prevention is in full swing at the schools in Weirton!

In conjunction with Fire Prevention Week, the Weirton Fire Department is going around to each elementary school to teach students the importance of having an exit plan, stop, drop and roll tactics, and many other tools they can keep in their tool box for emergencies.

This year’s theme is ‘Have Two Ways Out.’

Firefighters were at Saint Paul’s School showing the students around a fire truck and the third graders had the chance to check out the fire safety trailer.

“It’s very important to teach the young ones, you know they do grasp what we teach them and they take it home and they’re able to explain to their parents what they’ve learned, maybe an older sibling, grandma, grandpa, somebody and they actually have taught you know in the past what we teach them to do and the young kids will teach the older people what to do incase of a fire.”

Lt. Gary Hostuttler – Weirton Fire Department

The city of Weirton made Fire Prevention an entire month to be able reach all the Pre-K through third grade students in the city.

On Wednesday they will be at St. Joseph’s School.