A local crossing guard and the parents from her bus stop partnered up with United Bank to put on a truck or treat for her kids.

Sheila Long has been the crossing guard on Marland Heights in Weirton for over two decades and throughout the year she does special things for her bus stop kids.

She says she got the idea from a parent that noticed every time the kids get off the bus and see that her trunk is open the kids got a treat!

United Bank and the parents were excited about the idea and joined in by decorating their cars and passing out goodies for the kids.

“I love kids and I’ve been doing this for 25 years and they make my heart smile every day and they are just amazing kids and amazing parents. I’ve made so many friends over the years.”

Sheila Long – Crossing Guard

“Oh they love it, they wanted to get dressed as soon as they woke up this morning. Even though we’re only up here with each other for a few years until our kids go to middle school we’ve become a small little family up here.”

Jessica Zimmerman – Parent

United Bank Sales Associate Supervisor, Sandy Haraczy says they wanted to participate as a way to give back to the community and get them off on the right foot with saving.

In their treat bags the kids got a booklet on saving and a little piggy bank to help get them started.

Long says they plan on doing this event again next year.