The Weirton Police Department received close to $1 Million in American Rescue Plan Funds.

City officials approved the funds at last weeks council meeting for a take home cruiser program.

Chief Charlie Kush says they bought 15 new vehicles and the take home cruisers will be a big help to the police department and to the city in terms of saving money when purchasing vehicles.

“The mileage that are put on the vehicles, the mechanical issues that they go through on a daily basis, having take home vehicles should cut down on all of that, also the visibility of police vehicles within the city of Weirton with the take homes will be much higher than what you’re seeing now. Which is good, I want the visibility of police cruisers to be high.”

Chief Charlie Kush – Weirton Police Department

Chief Kush says he hopes to have the new cruises ready to go at the earliest, next spring or the latest the winter of 2023.