A haunted attraction is in its third year in Weirton.

The third annual Night Terrors Haunted House at Sacred Heart of Mary Church has something for everyone.

A family who belongs to the church came up with the idea and wanted to put their Halloween decorations to good use for a greater cause.

Money raised from the event goes back into the church by helping pay for projects and events the church puts on.

Organizers say there are many ways this event is unique in the City of Weirton.

“I think the good thing about the haunted house is that we have the different scare levels. So if you want to come with your kids, yes our actors are going to be scary but when your kids walk through we might call them a pork chop so our actors know not to scare them just to stand there to wave, how are you.”

Lori Thomas – Actor/Tour Guide

“Some of the scenes we have would be like we have the forest scene, the clown scene, and a farmhouse scene. If you want to see any other scenes, guess you’re going to come out and check it out yourself.”

Stanley Fiedorczyk – Operator/Designer

“And then this year we were blessed to be honored with the presence of the drama clubs that came to help us out from all the schools, Brooke, Weir High and Madonna, so we’d like that especially thank those and all our volunteers who help us out.”

Mark Kaczmarek – Actor/Operator

This is the last weekend for the event.

The Haunted House is open Friday and Saturday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Admission is $10 a person.

Organizers hope to have an even bigger attraction next year.