WELLSBURG, W.Va. (WTRF) A 10 day water project will lead to huge upgrades with the Wellsburg water system.

Starting on February 6th the city will be performing a replacement of their water clarifier.

They have contracted out to Greycon to replace the old faulty piece of equipment.

This is one of the projects they are doing with their ARPA funds.

City Manger Stephen says this will improve the quality of water for residents.

He says with the clarifier being shut off during the replacement time period there are a few things residents need to know.

What a clarifier does is it helps remove some of the solids like iron and magnesium out of your water before it goes to the filtration. So, we are going to have to bypass the clarifier and go straight to filtration, so some of our water customers may see an increase in iron and manganese, we want the public to know that we discourage doing laundry during this time because you may get some discoloration.”

Stephen Maguschak – Wellsburg City Manager

He says this was one of the first projects they decided to tackle with the ARPA funds and with the new clarifier the water plant will be operating at 100% efficency.

And once this is done they can move on to another much needed project in the city.