The 7th Annual Wellsburg Junior Police Academy kicked off this week!

Every day has a different theme focused on a type of first responder.

Thursday was Police Day.

7News stopped over to see how the Cadets were doing on earning their badges.

It’s the week Ohio Valley kids wait for!

The Wellsburg Junior Police Academy had the biggest turn out so far in it’s 7 year history.

131 Cadets came from all over, learning new skills from fire, ems, and police, along with other core values.

“We have kids as young as seven and as old as 14 here and it’s so important especially now the kids learn about respect, and God, and country and all those things that when you grow up it makes you be a good citizen.”

Chief Deputy Matthew Scott Adams – Wellsburg Junior Police Academy Organizer

Cadets were taught about weapons at the firing range, played platoon games, and shot water from fire hoses.

Cadet Scarlett Scott says she learned how to work hard but also had fun with her friends.

“My favorite thing is being with my friends here. I’ve learned the five core values: compassion, courage, fairness, integrity, and honesty.”

Scarlett Scott – Cadet

Chief Deputy Adams says he hopes the kids keep everything the learned at the academy with them, long after it’s over.

He says it’s special to see kids they’ve had in previous years be inspired in their own careers because of what they’ve learned.

“We still keep in contact with them and they’re doing great. I mean we have kids that are in the military, a couple of them are old enough to be policeman now, a lot of them are volunteer fireman, so it’s great to see them grow up to be you know good citizens.”

Chief Deputy Matthew Scott Adams – Wellsburg Junior Police Academy Organizer

Chief Deputy Adams says he hopes next year will be even bigger than this year.

The week wraps up Friday with a march around the city starting at 9 AM on Charles Street and a graduation ceremony at Brooke Middle School at noon!