WELLSBURG, W.Va. (WTRF) – 10,000 people from around the community have come out to Wellsburg over the course of the weekend for their annual Applefest and many are sad to see the closing day. 

“Oh, it has been so phenomenal,” said “Good Witch” Donna Gayle Horning. “It’s like a magnet. It draws you right in and once you’re here, you can’t stop coming back.”

Whether you’re coming for an apple dumpling, a ride on the train, or to spend time with friends and family, the Wellsburg Applefest has it all. 

Co-Chairs Frank Johnson and Ernie Jack have seen the Applefest through since its inception, and their dedication, teamwork and kindness are part of the reason everyone gets to experience this year after year. 

“We have eleven people on our committee, and everyone knows what their duty is to do. So, I know that I take care of the finances, and raise the money to do it. We have ladies who place the booths on the street. We’ve got people who gather up the apple pies, people who coordinate the children’s games and stuff like that. It just falls into place every year. It’s a delight working with these lovely people”

Ernie Jack – Co-Chair of the Applefest

Good Witch, Donna Gayle Horning has been here for 17 of the Applefest’s 43-year run and has her reasonings for her annual return. 

”All you got to do is look around and see,” she said. “The people, the kindness, the reception you get. How can you not?”

Community is what this event is all about – and the Wellsburg Applefest Pageant plays a huge role in bringing everyone together. 

Newly crowned Senior Queen, Alexa Loy and her mother and committee member Ingrid Loy, have first-hand experience seeing generations come through the Applefest. 

”It’s really great because she feels like it’s a representation of her town and the longevity of just her wanting to come back every year and then seeing the littles, which is her favorite part, continue to grow and I love it just because I love my hometown and this is something that I feel like I can give back to.”

Ingrid Loy – Applefest Committee Member

So, whether you’re enjoying the food, or shopping around, remember that the history of this festival is what makes its present so enjoyable.