The Wellsburg Lions Club received $11,500 in grant money from the National AARP Community Challenge Grant Awards.

The money will be used to build two new pickleball courts and related amenities to support recreation and wellness activities.

Pickleball players say they are excited to expand on the two courts they already have.

It’s a big sport with the senior citizens in the Ohio Valley but it doesn’t stop there.

“Not only does it bring senior citizens, but it also brings younger people, too, and while we’re waiting to play, we’re communicating with each other and it just, the bond is growing between different generations and we’re seeing things through younger people’s eyes, and they are seeing things through us seniors’ eyes.”

Tom Gaudio – Wellsburg Lions Club Member

The Wellsburg Pickle Ball Club plays on Mondays and Thursdays from 6-9 and Saturday Morning from 9 to 12.

Anyone is welcome to come!

The courts are also open for anyone any time of the day as well.