OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – West Liberty University is increasing the accessibility to the emergency overdose drug Naloxone.

They began last year with a kit called a One-Box, and now they’ve added three more kits, posted throughout the campus.

It started as part of the Be The One initiative of the West Virginia Collegiate Recovery Program.

We’re used to seeing AED’s and Stop The Bleed kits posted in public places.

The One-Box is now right next to them, at various places on campus.

Each one contains two nasal mist doses of Naloxone that can reverse an opioid overdose.

Officials want students to feel more comfortable–and knowledgeable–about how to use it.

“The One-Box actually has a video that does train people on how to use the Naloxone. We also send out information about Naloxone onto campus along with training links. One of the sororities is actually having an in-person event next week and having some training at that as well.”

Christy Bennington
Director, WLU Student Health Services

They are now located in Shaw Hall, Rogers Hall, the College Union and the Athletic Complex. And they plan to add more in the future.

They say they never encourage drug use, but the opioid epidemic is reality, nationwide. So they want to have the kits available, to save a life, if needed.