WHEELING, W. Va. (WTRF) — The fate of President Dr. W. Franklin Evans has been determined.

West Liberty University president censured for plagiarism allegations

West Liberty University Board of Governors has just settled on a decision following plagiarism allegations.

The Board of Governors wasted no time to go into an executive session. They called the meeting to discuss a human resources matter and walked back out to announce disciplinary action involving the President’s alleged plagiarism.

Following plagiarism allegations, West Liberty University President Dr. W. Franklin Evans is facing a very strong reprimand. He’s being publicly censured.

“In the academic world, the public censure puts the world on notice that the Board of Governors is extremely dissatisfied with the event or events that led up to all of this.”

Chairman Rich Lucas, Board of Governors

West Liberty Faculty Senate votes no confidence in President

The vote for the censure against Evans passed unanimously 10 to 0 by all Board members present. It will go on his permanent record.

This decision took the Board at least five weeks to make after taking in all sides on the matter, including opinions from students, alumni, staff, and faculty senate.

“The accumulation of information took time. Digesting the information took time, But I’m very confident we can move the university forward. There’s still work.”

Chairman Rich Lucas, Board of Governors

Meanwhile, Board Chairman Rich Lucas says a committee or the full Board of Governors will monitor progress on campus outside of their normal Board duties. Evans will also immediately go into a reparation program.

But until then, both the Board and Evans agrees moving forward is best.

Evans also formally apologized.

“I acknowledge and certainly accept the decisions that the Board of Governors already made. I’ve expressed regret for the mistakes I’ve made. I’m taking this opportunity to once again apologize to the entire university community.”

President Dr. W. Franklin Evans, West Liberty University

West Liberty President responds to alleged plagiarized speeches

Evans also says he’s determined to move forward and asks the West Liberty community to join him in doing so.