Senators in West Virginia overwhelmingly voted to pass Senate Bill 10 on Tuesday.

West Virginia Senate passes guns-on-campus bill at colleges

The guns-on-campus bill will allow people with concealed carry permits to bring firearms onto college and university campuses, despite ardent opposition from higher education leaders.

West Liberty University Interim President Dr. Cathy Monteroso released the following statement Tuesday in reaction to the bill passing:

“West Liberty University is following the discussion on Senate Bill 10, which would allow for the concealed carry of firearms on our college campuses. The issue is complex and while our administration respects the Second Amendment, we are concerned about the additional safety measures and expenses that would be required to enforce this bill while maintaining our current level of campus security.

“West Liberty University employs a professional Campus Police force that is trained and armed, and available 24-7. These professional officers work hard to ensure that each student, employee and visitor is safe and feels welcome. We want to remain a safe and welcoming campus to our students and employees. We ask the legislature to proceed cautiously on this important matter.”

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