WEST LIBERTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Hunger is everywhere. Even on college campuses. 

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At West Liberty University, they’ve created a food pantry for students who may need it, but they also need the community to help fill it. 

The food pantry is inside the student union. Students can come in anonymously to get what they need. They fill out a one-time intake form to help the pantry be better stocked with what the campus community needs. Then students can visit the food pantry anytime from 8:00 a.m. until midnight.

While students who live on campus do have a meal plan, the Director of Student Life said there are plenty of students who live right off campus or in the Wheeling area. 

For them to maybe come up here and grab something before they go home down in Wheeling or off to their apartment, that will make it easier for them because maybe they are working 20 or 30 hours doing being a full-time student and sometimes getting groceries are had to come by, so we want to make sure we’re here for them in that aspect.

Kate Billings, Director of Student Life, West Liberty University

This way they can grab something before they go home. Some students may also have full-time jobs and groceries could be difficult to come by. 

When you think about West Lib, we’re definitely a regional institution where a lot of our students come from the tri state area, so you’re helping students that are from your backyard. They’re here and hopefully they can stay here post-graduation, so to keep the donations right here on The Hilltop, which I think would be super beneficial for our students and just keeping them in school.

Kate Billings, Director of Student Life, West Liberty University

If you’d like to help stock the shelves of the West Liberty food pantry, here’s how. 

You can call 304-336-8580 or e-mail activities@westliberty.edu to schedule a drop-off time. They also have an Amazon wish list. Just search WLU Food Pantry and order items to be sent directly to the University.

Or, monetary donations can be made to the West Liberty University Foundation under Student Life.

Billings wanted to pass along a thank you to the community for being so generous in helping students.