93 sheep and a donkey named broccoli pulled their greatest escape from the WVU Organic Research Farm in Morgantown this past month.

A University spokesperson said that the brief escape was due to a broken lock on a pasture gate.

“Our farm personnel were notified that they were spotted along Mileground Road near the Bicentennial house, and they were returned to their pastures within an hour,” Lindsay Willey, director of marketing and communications for the Davis College of Agriculture told thedaonline.

Although when the WVU Police Department officers arrived on the scene to investigate the incident they noticed that the gate appeared to be forced open which made animal farm staff suspect that the animals had been freed intentionally.

Willey says that animal escapes from the farm are rare but it has happened in the past but all the animals are now safe and accounted for and farm personnel has installed a new lock on the gate.

The Organic Research Farm consists of 240 acres of certified organic farmland which went organic in 1998, according to thedaonline.

The farm raises a number of crops, poultry, and lambs. Thedaonline reports the farms current research including long-term organic farming research, brown marmorated stink bugs habitat use, control of creeping thistle and the health of organic sheep.