The Annual Nailers Blood Drive at the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack today brought members of the community from all over to show the same spirit for life as they do for hockey. 

Sharon Kesselring – Executive Director of the American Red Cross of the Ohio River Valley says that their partnership with the Nailers twice a year is something that they are thankful for. ,

“The Nailers, of course, have a tremendous fanbase here in the area and they love being able to show their community spirit the way their fanbase shows their spirit for the Nailers. Today, we’ve got rally towels. That’s something new for us to be able to give away at the blood drive, so we’re really excited for our donors to be able to experience that today.” 

Sharon Kesselring – Executive Director of the American Red Cross of the Ohio River Valley

As they rally up donors, Nailers broadcaster, DJ Abisalih, says that this is a great way to express the Nailers’ value of community during a time of year when hockey might not be at the forefront of everyone’s brains.  

“With something like this, it’s great because we’re able to make such a positive impact on people’s lives, where blood is something that you need year-round.” 

DJ Abisalih – Nailers Broadcaster

Donating blood is for anyone and even Spike is here to say that this is a goal scored for you and the three lives you will be saving with your pint of blood.

Each summer, there is a national shortage of blood due to 25% of donations being from college and high school students, so donors are in higher demand now more than ever. 

Especially since you never know when you or someone you love could be the one in need. 

“I really like to try to do something for other people. I just feel as though – it’s worthwhile and I’ll be back again.” 

Thomas Davidson – Follansbee, West Virginia

“I’ve done it for years ever since I was able to back in high school. I’ve given over 2 gallons of blood. I just feel like it’s worth helping other people. I feel like it could save a life.” 

Amanda Kociban – Benwood, West Virginia

Volunteers make just as much of an impact as those donating, and Frank Papini says that he enjoys spending his time helping others. y

“It’s been 14 years now I’ve been at it, so I really like it because I interact with the people. You meet a lot of nice people, and the team is real good to work with.” 

Frank Papini – American Red Cross Volunteer

And a plus today? Frank says you can give blood and put a few coins in the slot machine too.