Hall of Fame Coach Bob Huggins will join the weekly, one-hour radio program “Full Court Press” November 7 as it begins its second season. Huggins, the former head basketball coach for West Virginia University, will draw on his extensive experience and knowledge to provide valuable insights, analysis and exclusive stories from his career alongside co-hosts Derek Bailey, Michael Susman and Anthony Lewis. 

          “I think it’ll be fun,” Huggins said. “I think that what I can bring to it as well is other coaches. I can call [Kansas coach] Bill Self, and he’ll come on the air with us. [Baylor coach] Scott Drew would as well. They’re all friends of mine. I get calls and texts from those guys virtually every day.”  

          “Full Court Press” focuses primarily on WVU basketball and Big XII basketball. The program offers a comprehensive look at the WVU basketball team’s performance, strategies, and player development, while also delving into the broader landscape of Big XII basketball. Listeners can expect in-depth discussions, interviews and commentary, making it a must-listen program for fans of college basketball in the region.