A boxing promotion is getting a lot of attention for announcing a fight between two 9-year-olds in West Virginia.

Chill Boxing is coming to Madison, West Virginia in Boone County for the Boone County Brawl.

One of the fights on the card for August 19 is Mason “The Viper” Maynard out of Ashland, KY vs Landon “Pitbull” Vandyke from Richlands, VA.

Both Maynard and Vandyke are 9 years old fighting at a 68lb max.

Chill Boxing says they are proud of the young fighters that have the courage to step in the ring and these bouts are some of the most exciting matches you’ll see.

Some people asked on the promotions Facebook page if this was legal or sanctioned.

Chill Boxing responded by saying the fight is “sanctioned by USA Boxing the same organization that regulates the Golden Gloves and the Olympics.”

Tickets for the event are available here. You can also live stream the event here.