Head coach of UMass Frank Martin provided an update to Bob Huggins during media day for the Atlantic-10 conference.

Martin said, “He’s going to get back on that saddle. He’s clean, he hasn’t had a drink since that day,” Martin said. “One day he’ll speak about exactly what transpired that day. It’s not my place to put that out there. It’s a little more complicated than the story that got put out there by people that just saw the end result. It’s sad that the end of West Virginia happened the way it did. He’s in great spirits, he’s lost weight, he’s energetic. He’s good for the game, he’s good for people.”

Martin added, “Let’s not beat around the bush, but we’ve got [coaches] that have been caught doing some really bad stuff that go against the rules. And not that what he is not against the rules, but that was a self-inflicted deal.”

Martin went on to say he wanted Huggins to get help and he (Martin) was part of that world. “This was his moment. He’s in a great space spiritually, health-wise, you feel him on the phone. I’m bringing him out. He’s running the practice. I’m putting him out there. They think I’m mad, wait until they deal with Hugs on the sideline.”

Huggins was charged with DUI in Pittsburgh on June 16, 2023. Huggins received probation after the DUI arrest.

Huggins resigned from WVU on June 18.