A tornado that swept through the area last night caused extensive damage in Dallas in Marshall County and in Beham, Pennsylvania.

Trees were down, and structures were destroyed including a home.

Monica Salvo says she was inside when the storms began to roll through.  

The power went out and she heard a loud noise, which was the porch being ripped from the home.

Salvo then went to a secure location until it was safe again.

“But I didn’t even know it was a tornado. I didn’t even know my roof was missing until I went outside and saw my roof missing. I feel like a miracle is not the right word. Like, a miracle does not describe how thankful I am for still standing here today,” Monica Salvo told 7News.

Salvo is new to the community and says she was so touched by how many people came to help her last night.

They moved everything in her house away from the open roof so nothing gets water damage.

She says she feels thankful to be alive.

The community has rallied around everyone who saw damage to their homes and properties in the Dallas and Beham areas. 

The Dallas Volunteer Fire Department, they have food, water, and supplies for anyone who is picking up after this storm.

Community members are also delivering supplies to anyone who needs them.

Volunteers also have a kid’s area set up at the fire department, to help in case they were scared by the storm.

Those who are organizing the relief say the community has always been this way in times of need.  

“The need is real. We have driven through the devastation and we saw all that was done from the violence of the storm and we’re just trying to make a difference and help people to see that there are still people in the world who care,” says Dallas Presbyterian Pastor, George Crawford.

“There were people out last night trimming trees until midnight and handing out water. When you can’t do anything else you give someone a dry shirt and a bottle of water and cut trees out of their driveway or watch their kids,” says volunteer, Becky Ferrell.

People will be at the Dallas Volunteer Fire Department the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday to help.