Today, on the second anniversary on the January 6th breach at the US Capitol, former  West Virginia delegate, Derrick Evans announced his official bid for the United States House of Representatives.

Evans sets up a possible primary showdown with incumbent Rep. Carol Miller. The Republican lawmaker has not said if she plans to run for reelection. Her son, Chris, is running for Governor.

“My fellow West Virginians, friends, family –

Today – January 6th – is a day to celebrate. But for me, that hasn’t always been the case. Just last year, it was a personal day of reflection, thinking about my fellow J6er’s and the miscarriage of Justice at the hands of our government. Fear over my pending prison sentence. Scared to miss precious time with my family. But despite that uncertainty, my resolve never waned. I knew I was put on this Earth to serve the people of West Virginia. One month ago I came to you with my story. I launched an exploratory committee for Congress. I’m thrilled to say, I, Derrick Evans, am running for a seat in the United States House of Representatives.

It’s easy to argue that our lives are really just the outcome of one decision after another compounded upon each other. We make so many decisions on a daily basis. But once in a while, in rare circumstances, something happens. Our blood pressure rises – pulse quickens. It’s now or never: fight or flight?

Two years ago today I boarded a passenger bus to Washington DC. The goal? Protect our democracy. If you told me what would happen next, I never would have believed you. I was inside the capitol for 10 minutes. I spoke with a Capitol police officer and thanked him for his service. I was nowhere near the Senate chambers. I was nowhere near the chaos. The moments that followed, changed my life and shaped me into the man that I am today.

So just what does that mean for you? Today is not the day to get deep into policy or rhetoric. Today is the day to celebrate the future of West Virginia. We cannot do that without looking at the major issues that continue to plague people across our great state. Election integrity must be a hot-button topic even in a non-election year. Is that very issue that brought me to the Capitol that day. We must protect our democracy at all costs.

You cannot be in the state of West Virginia without talking about energy and energy Independence. The mining industry has matured an adapted. How do we protect our future?

We may be far from the southern border, but border security has never been more in question under the Biden Administration. We must finish the wall, we must secure the border, we must protect our country.

Who’s been looking out for your voice the last five years? Carol Miller has had five years to leave her mark on Washington. Five years to make herself known. But instead, she’s left the car door open with the keys in the ignition.

I chose today to announce my bid for the House of Representatives because it is an important anniversary in US history. While my name will indelibly be part of it, we should also use as a chance to remind ourselves about why democracy is so important and how easily it can be threatened.

There’s just one thing to do. Let’s hit the campaign trail, listen to our constituents, and set our sights on Capitol Hill. Thank you and God bless America.”

Derrick Evans

Derrick was first elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in 2020 as he became the first Republican to win his District in over 98 years. At the time it was a multi-member House District almost the size of the current WV State Senate District.