Howard Gamble says the President’s positive COVID test proves we’re still in a pandemic, and no one is completely immune.

The Ohio County Health Department administrator says even though the President has been fully vaccinated and boosted, he is an active person, traveling nationally and internationally, and he sees a lot of people.

Gamble said President Biden is a high profile person, and his risk level is just like everyone else’s.

“It’s not going away,” Gamble said. “The virus will continue to seek new hosts. And as long as there are still unvaccinated people out there, they will continue to spread it.”

He was encouraged by reports that the President was immediately given anti-virals, which are effective, and that he is experiencing only very minor symptoms, and still working while isolating in the White House.

“The protocols are now just five days of isolation and then it’s done,” he noted. “But our takeaway should be that anyone can get it, and caution is still warranted.”